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The weather in Vilia until Friday 16/06/2023

Without significant weather changes, the weather in Vilia and the wider area will be fine on Thursday 15/6. However, on Friday the unsettled weather during the warm hours of the day will return.

More detail:

On Thursday, sunshine is initially expected with passing clouds. The clouds will remain until the afternoon intermittently. The chance of rain is low.

Winds will blow variable 2-3 Beaufort. Midday and afternoon will become southerly to 4 Beaufort.

The temperature will not change appreciably. Quite cool at night and early in the morning with the minimum close to 17-18 degrees Celsius while at noon it will reach 28-29 degrees Celsius.

FRIDAY 16/6/2023

On Friday 16/6, the day will start with a few clouds and plenty of sunshine. Gradually in midday and afternoon, the cloudiness will increase and there is a small but real chance (around 30%-35%) of a local shower.

Winds will blow variable but will gradually become northerly moderate, 4 Beaufort.

The temperature will not change appreciably.

For the weekend, there is a greater chance of showers or a temporary storm, especially during the warm hours of the day. Details of this development will be given in the weather report on Friday.

Nikos Dioletis

Am. Meteorologist of Western Attica.


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