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Summer conditions in Villa Attica.

Good evening friends and have a good week.

Summer conditions are expected in the next few days in Villas with the necessary doses of coolness under the shadow of Kithairon. The temperature will rise slightly further while the winds will be moderate.

More detail:


For Tuesday and Wednesday, sunshine is expected with a few passing clouds during the hot hours of the day.


Winds will be light and northerly at noon up to 4 Beaufort. In the evening they will become light again.


It will rise slightly and reach 28-29 degrees Celsius at noon. In the morning hours, it will be around 18-19. Fair coolness will prevail at night and early in the morning.

About noon, we suggest you swim in the crystal clear waters of Porto Germeno, Psatha, or Alepochori.

No waves are expected as the winds will be light to moderate 3-4 Beaufort from northerly directions.

The temperature on the coasts will reach 30-31 degrees Celsius.

Stay tuned to Next weather update on Wednesday.

Nikos Dioletis.

Q. Meteorologist of Western Attica.

In collaboration with the local Facebook page << THE WEATHER OF WESTERN ATTICA>>


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