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Cultural, Folklore and Beautification Association of Villia

The Cultural Folklore & Beautician Association of Villia has as its purpose the preservation and study of the historical and folklore material of Villia as well as the collection and subsequent presentation and presentation of items of folk art and techniques of our village such as traditional costumes, textiles, metalwork, woodwork but and any other object-tool for professional and family use.


The activities of the Association include the organization of parties with the contribution of the Dance Group of the Villas, excursions to local historical sites, natural landmarks, theatrical performances and other events throughout Greece and participation in the organization of cultural workshops and educational programs for local schools and community groups . These activities provide an opportunity for community members to explore the beauty and history of each area and help ensure that the traditional practices and customs of the Villas are passed on to future generations.

Among the most popular events are the Festival of the Transfiguration of the Savior, on August 6, and the revival of the custom of Saint George, which showcase traditional music, dance and food from the region and attract visitors from near and far and are a very good way to get to know the rich cultural heritage of Villia.

Overall, the Cultural Folklore & Beautician Association of Vilia is a dynamic organization that plays an important role in preserving and highlighting the cultural heritage of the region. Whether through events, tours or educational programs, the club is committed to celebrating the unique traditions and beauty of Vilia and the wider region.

The Folklore Collection "Meletis Papaconstantinou"

you can visit the building on the

7 Ellis Lampeti street, Vilia.

For more information and organization of club and school visits:

Phone: +306975027639       Email:,      Web:

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