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Vilia (formerly Eidyllia) is a town in Western Attica, built on the slope of Kithairon, at an altitude of 600 meters.

Geographically it is part of Megarida, while its area extends to Porto Germeno , Psatha and Alepochori to the west, on the coast of Alkyonida. The settlements of Agios Nektarios  and Mytika are included as well. It has a population of 3,215 inhabitants, with a building density of 22 inhabitants /sq.Km.

The area relies on livestock, agriculture, beekeeping, fishing and has picturesque tourist resorts and traditional catering businesses.

It borders Megara to the southwest, Erythres to the northeast, Oinoi to the east and Mandra to the southeast. To the north it borders with Plataea and other villages of Boeotia.


Vilia is only 56 km away from the center of Athens!  You can visit the area via the Old National Road Athens-Thebes. You can also find bus routes here, and ticket prices here.

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