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Monastery of the prophet Elijah

On a hill of Kithairon just before the entrance of the beautiful village of Vilia , is the Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias . Built in the pine forest, it blends perfectly with the natural landscape where the beauty of nature meets one of the unique beauties of Orthodoxy, monasticism.
At the place where the monastery was built, there was a chapel dedicated to the Prophet Elias, which dates back to around the 7th AD. It is believed that its presence in the area is directly connected with the Holy Monastery of Osios Meletios which is located a short distance in Oinoi, Attica.
In recent years, the church showed signs of abandonment as it served more as a shelter for shepherds in difficult winters than for the religious needs of the faithful.

However, in the decade of 1950-1960, the Holy Temple of the Prophet of the Sun was "discovered" by the blessed Metropolitan of Samos and Ikaria, Mr. Panteleimon Bardakos, who many years ago had the pious desire to create a nunnery.
It is worth noting, as it is said, that it was the second attempt to create a Holy Monastery in that area. The first was made several years ago by male monks but after many difficulties it was never realized.
So, after time-consuming procedures that mainly concerned real estate disputes, the approval was given and the construction plan of the Holy Monastery was implemented.
The Holy Temple of the prophet Elias was fully restored, however, maintaining the humility and character of a small Byzantine church with a dome that, like the past centuries, did not touch it in the slightest. At the same time, cells and auxiliary spaces were built for the needs of the Monastery.

After almost thirty years the number of believers increased and the existing church could not serve the religious needs of the faithful, another Saint became the second protector of the Monastery: Saint Nektarios, Bishop of Pentapolis.
The new Holy Temple was founded in 1989 right next to the Holy Temple of the Prophet Elias . Larger and more modern, the new Holy Temple is a jewel for the Holy Monastery.
Inside the new Holy Temple, a chapel was built in honor of the Prophet Elisha , a student of the Prophet Elijah and follower of his work.
Remains of saints are kept in special showcases as well as part of the petracheli of Agios Nektarios. Also inside the Holy Temple is the tomb of the blessed Metropolitan founder of the Holy Monastery.

Nowadays the Holy Monastery is preserved to a large extent by donations of its faithful-visitors and by a much smaller percentage by the works of the monks (hagiographies, etc.). Also in the Holy Monastery there is a small exhibition of souvenirs and books.
The hospitality in the Holy Monastery is obvious to everyone and at the same time with the uniqueness of the landscape, it becomes a pole of attraction for visitors - pilgrims all the months of the year.
The simplicity of the space as befits an orthodox Holy Monastery, the peaceful result of prayer and the peace of mind transmitted by the nuns
  in such a wonderful way that one feels that he is finally returning to Ithaca. This intimacy does not let you feel like a stranger.
You feel that you are really in your Father's house, in your house.


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