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Porto Germeno

From Athens you will reach Porto Germeno , passing through Vilia, through the old national motorway Athens-Thebes turning right. Once you reach the mountainous and picturesque town of Vilia, continue to Porto Germeno. The route going down to the beach is beautiful, through  the dense pine forest of Mount Pateras, and the olive groves, enjoy the panoramic view of the Gulf of Aigosthena and the Corinthian Gulf. You will definitely find beautiful places to take your photos.

Porto Germeno has four beaches that are naturally separated by rocks and small trees. Let's start with the three, which are close to each other and have different names (depending on who will describe them to you). You can hear them as "Agios Nikolaos" , it is a beach with the homonymous chapel, with a mosaic floor, with vases and flowers, a spa for bathing and a veranda where you can take a nap, the main beach, the "Middle", is probably the noisiest with the constant flow of young people in and out of the sea, following the constant pattern of diving, beach games and sunbathing, "Magazia" is the third beach with restaurants and more. 
The most remote and special beach of the area is "Prosili" , located 3km northwest of the center of Porto Germenou . It is a natural creek with a few rocks, but also a sandy beach with fine pebbles enough to spread a towel, with trees hanging over you and offer a little shade. The bad thing about Prosili is that it is quite small and cramped, filling it with families who enjoy bathing early.

Porto Germeno is a free beach without special organization on umbrellas and sunbeds, so do not forget to get what you consider necessary for your bath. Local shops can also serve you. Apart from being an ideal destination for a day trip, it is a great place for a vacation of a few days up to months, you will find accommodation and whole houses to suit your needs and desires.

An attraction worth a walk is the ancient Castle of Aegosthena, a well-preserved fortress of the 4th century BC, which had a citadel, lower city and long walls. The most impressive of all the monuments today is the -restored, 18 m high- tower to the SE of the acropolis. Apart from the sights, Aigosthena has to tell you terrible stories, such as that of the seer and healer Melambodas who was worshiped in the area. Melambodas understood the language of birds, so he could warn people of the future, but also stories about knighthood and piracy.


A trip to the sea, of course, whets the appetite. That is why we could not miss the food, Porto Germeno has several options, both for fresh fish and meat eaters. You can also enjoy your coffee or drink with a unique view of the Corinthian Gulf and the sunset.

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