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Psatha Beach

Psatha beach in the Corinthian gulf gives a wonderful opportunity to imagine that you are not only an hour outside Athens , but that you can reach it even by car. You will reach its waters traveling just 65 kilometers west of Athens. The beautiful Psatha is only three kilometers from Alepochori and is considered an ideal destination for a day trip or a swim of a few hours and return at night to the base of Athens.

From Athens you will reach Psatha , passing through Megara and Alepochori , through  District Οδ.  Megaron-Alepochori. Then from the beach of Alepochori you will reach very easily, the beach of Psatha .
An alternative route to reach Psatha , and without tolls, is from the Municipality of Mandra-Eidyllia , to which it belongs administratively, through the PEO Athens-Thebes and Vilia . Once you reach the mountainous and picturesque town of Vilia , continue to Porto Germeno until you find the crossroads, and turn left, towards Psatha . The route from Vilia to Psatha is considered more difficult, and is preferred mainly by the locals from the neighboring villages, but beautiful, in the dense pine forest of Mountain Pateras , and passing by Malia Psatha (altitude 560m), enjoy the panoramic view of the bay of Psatha and the Corinthian Gulf and you can take your photos.

Arriving at Psatha , you will see dense pine forests and sharp rocks surrounding a bay paved with small colorful pebbles. From the first dive this beach Understand why it is a favorite of all Athenians. Makes you believe that you are on one of the Ionian islands: 2.5 km of beach with crystal clear waters and pebbles friendly to the walker and swimmer. It is a small paradise with a family character.

Psatha beach is large, while there is an organized section with umbrellas and sunbeds, provided free of charge by the beach bars. There is also the possibility for water sports. Along the beach you will find cafes, restaurants and fish taverns, as you will find them in the picturesque harbor formed by Akrotiri Mytikas Psathas. The beach is so big that even the SK which is full of people from the morning, you will find plenty of free space to spread your towel, especially at both ends. The area is known for its fresh seafood as well as meat, and has a long tradition in eating meat. Besides, the mountainous area around it, with places like Vilia , certify the validity of the word.

Likewise, if you do not want to spend a day in Psatha , but want to stay for a short vacation or much longer, you will find many great options: There are self-catering accommodation with views of the beach, the mountain or the bay or even if you want the whole house to have your comfort and quiet near the sea. 

The best part of the trip to Psatha is the finish. The sunset with its beautiful color palette is the perfect way to end an excursion that was so refreshing and beautiful. You will want to repeat it soon! Psatha is a place with many options, which is difficult to resist. Anyone who visits it once is likely to return again soon.

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